Tuesday, March 4


After 4 days in the Arctic getting to know our boy in his world, we all flew home today. Home! 

This boy is amazing, humble, willing, and excited. And adorable. He is resilient, positive, and kind. 
And smart.

There is so much to tell. What I have seen on this trip will forever change me. I've said that before, and I pray my life will afford more chances to be moved. I cried buckets of tears for different reasons up there. Some heartbroken, some heart-soaring.

Some thankful, some as a response to injustice. God moved in such blatant and powerful ways, that tears were the only response I could muster. Words just wouldn't come. 

Like the time he announced proudly to his entire kindergarten class after meeting us for the first time with one hand in mine and one hand in Jeremy's, "This is my Mom and Dad!"

It was finally his turn. His turn to have a family who would love and cherish him.

Or the time just now when Levi came over to hug him goodnight. This once broken, now embraced little guy picked his brother up, gave him a big squeeze, and offered to walk him down to his bed. Tears. I can't help it. 

He doesn't even know he's related to him by blood. He just isn't ready for that information. All that matters to him is that we love him, and I think he senses that we're all already related. 

We met the most amazing people, performing some of the toughest work I've heard of out there in the world, and they became like family. Enter more tears. They've loved our boy out of darkness, and into this marvelous light he now finds himself in.

Freedom. He's free. 

We are moving forward as a family of 10 tonight. And we're hopeful.
We're asking for continued prayer as we transition.

We are confident that his acceptance of us and joy at having a family is due in part, because of your prayers on our behalf. Thank you. 

Sleep is not my friend when I'm away from home, so I've got some catching up to do. So that's where I'm headed, friends. Goodnight.

P.S. If you want to take a peek into our trip, I've posted pictures and videos on Instagram over the last several days. www.instagram.com/amandabaconbits

4 comments on "Home."
  1. The only words I have are, "I love you friend."

  2. Yay, yes! Praying you through all of this! Love you!

  3. Hi Amanda,
    You are all in my prayers. I love the pic of You, Jeremy, and your most recent sweet adopted son together. I'm guessing that's a lego set your sweet 6 year old boy has in his hand? Lean on the Lord. He is there for you. Looking forward to more updates on your new adopted Son when you are able to give more details.
    In Christ,

  4. That is so awesome! You all look very happy. God bless your family.


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