Monday, March 11

Sitting Lessons and the Longest Thus Far

Emmalie is nearing 9 months old, (on March 15th) and is still a tiny peanut of a girl!  She's doing those baby milestones at a slower rate than the rest of the baby crowd - it's hard to sit up and stay there when you only weigh 14 pounds.  She is beginning to sit by herself for a brief period before she unexpectantly topples over.  We love teaching her, and I love how everyone gets in on it. 
I've known this little one for 18 months - 9 months in, 9 months out! 

9 months also means that I've been able to nurse 3 months longer than any of our other babies!  Thank you, vitamin D.  I've been hoping to make it to a year, which has been my dream with each baby, and it looks like there's no end in sight!  I've never experienced having to wean a baby. That'll be new. The milk always just disappeared overnight it seems.  So sad, and so sudden!  But not this time!  Here's the rundown of how long I nursed the first four babies I gave birth to before I couldn't produce anymore even with pumping and other tricks: 

  1. four months
  2. four months
  3. six months
  4. three weeks (I was severely low in vitamin D and had a low thyroid and didn't know it - it took two years and several doctors to figure this out!) 

I'm so thankful we've made it this far - even though at times it would have been grand to give this little one a bottle so Jeremy could help, he was so willing, but little Miss Emmalie was not.  She won't take one.  We just chock it up to God answering our prayer to be able to nurse until a full year in a way we didn't imagine.  Because He does that, you know. 


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