Wednesday, March 6

beat the blahs: homeschool style

This time of year, as we have over half of the school year behind us, the blahs sometimes hit.  The big blah hasn't hit this year, as it has in the past - and thankfully so.  I've been so overwhelmed by raising kids that we've streamlined our homeschooling to make it simple.  That has been a tremendous help. 

But the days still get mundane, doing the same things day in and day out - here's how we're beating the blahs this week:

(Some of these will come later on in the week...)

  • We started off the week with "blanket school", as pictured above.  Morgan, 8, had the idea for everyone to get a blanket and spread them out on the floor to replace our normal Table Time that has us all sitting at the table or on the couches to start our morning.  Genius.  Pure genius.  It gave all of us a new perspective. 

  • Play-doh.  Don't stress the mess.  Enjoy the time your little ones (and big ones too) are creating and smooshing.  Then get everyone involved in the clean up. 

  • Drive Thru History.  These GREAT history lessons are our new favorite thing to watch when we need a break from the norm.  We hope to get through all of the lessons in the next year. 

  • Grow crystals!  We have some sets that we bought for the four bigger kids for Christmas.  They have been begging to do them.  I think today's the day.  Don't have a crystal growing kit to dig into?  How about trying to grow these Rock Sugar Candy Lollipops?

  • Get outside!  Just 5-10 min. a day outside would do wonders for us mamas.  How about walking around outside with the kiddos while doing this
Say goodbye to the blahs this week! 

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  1. Thank you for this! We are in the midst of blahs, probably because baby #4 is due in 2 weeks. But I definitely feel like our schooling is suffering.

    1. You are most welcome, Barb. Sounds like you are where I was last summer when baby girl was about to arrive... it was summertime even, and still hard to wrap my mind around managing kiddos and life! I pray you are energized, able to sleep well, and have new life breathed into your homeschool.


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