Sunday, March 17

Five Minute Friday: REST

Setting the timer for 5 minutes... ready...


Alright, folks - my first attempt at a Five Minute Friday writing prompt.  Unedited and raw is the name of the game.  Of course REST would be the prompt for the week.  As I sit here at nearly 11:00pm with bleary eyes and contraband honey chocolate chip cookie dough sitting beside me in a bowl on the couch that I'm not supposed to be eating on my Dr. prescribed Paleo plan, I need rest.  After the hard winter I had mothering, I've been doing so well lately... handling things in a much more Amanda-ish manner.  Mostly patient and loving, and sometimes downright Pollyanna-style.  But today, I was feeling tired - not glad.  I was tired of noise and the constant pull in seven different directions.  My husband, who has been working on being unphased by all of this said as he looked out over the room filled with seven children all taking up residence in our living room, "Wow, it sure doesn't look like that many." 

To which I grumpily replied, "It does when all you hear is Mom, Mommy, Hey - Mom all day!" 

Oh, how in my heart I love the Mom, Mommy, and Hey - Moms that I hear.  It means they need me, they want to talk to me.  They love me.

He didn't say anything back, and I knew at that moment, that Pollyanna had left the building. 

I stepped out of the room to regroup, pray, and get my attitude on straight again. 


Goodness, five minutes sure goes by quickly when you're tongue-tied... or should I say, brain-blanked?  Anyways, what a fun challenge!  Jump in and join the fun over at Lisa-Jo Baker's space!

Five Minute Friday

6 comments on "Five Minute Friday: REST"
  1. wow, you have a lot going on! it's amazing how i feel overwhelmed with one baby... and you have 7! Way to go, Mama! Yes, FMF is a lot of fun. I try to participate every week because it's good practice and really fun to see the other blogs.

  2. I SO know those moments! Way to go taking a step away and getting the time you needed to readjust your heart's position! Thanks for being vulnerable and real about life. Praying your "tomorrow" will be a Pollyanna - Spirit filled - kind of day. :)

  3. Amanda,
    5 minutes was more than enough. You reminded me that I have a terrible habit of ignoring the mom, mommy, hey-mom's. Not just ignoring, but shooing the "perpetrator" away. Sometimes, that constant buzzing, never ending yammering, makes me not like being a mom. I laughed at Jeremy's remark. I only have two and somedays it seems like a sea of children. It was a reminder to me, that I don't take a moment to go and pray and seek the peace that only the Lord can provide. The patience to be the mom that I want to be. One of the many things I am re-learning right now. I have allowed so much stress and worry into my life and it has stomped and squashed the life out me. I have been feeling to oppressed to want to hear what my lovely's have to say. I have actually preferred the company of the dog more than the company of my own children. Something else I have learned since signing off of FB... No one is perfect and the posts of perfection were only moments of a person's life. Fleeting. This is truth. My own struggles, are not my own. Everyone has them. What makes the difference in how we handle them, is how quickly we seek the Lord. ~Garie

    1. It's awesome to hear what God is teaching you right now, Garie! We need so much grace, don't we?


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