Friday, October 5

the sibling bond

As a mom, there are several things that warm my heart, but one that is at the top of my list is my children loving and caring for each other.  I am thankful for how they are building compassion for others, and have hearts to love and serve. 

I love to hear my older children talk about the day when they too will adopt. 

I love that they are all smitten with babies. 

I love when they want to hold, read to, and play with their younger siblings.  Morgan was adamant that she be the one to sit with and hold Levi while he was feeling under the weather the other day. 


It makes all of the crazy not so crazy.  And all of the weak in me revived. 

God does that with his gifts to us. 


4 comments on "the sibling bond"
  1. there is nothing better in a family than to see brothers and sisters standing in the gap for each are right makes the ugly moments turn into grace and wash away. so glad you captured it :) Love, Auntie
    p.s so glad to see Gabs wearing cute as a button!

  2. How precious Amanda!! Thanks for sharing. Live Mom

  3. I agree!!! I just love it so much! These are such sweet pictures and moments...I love your kids! (and their parents who are living the example for them ;))



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