Monday, October 29

just for fun

38 weeks pregnant
June 2012

2 weeks old
July 2012

4.5 months old
October 2012
 I just love progression photos...  wow, what a difference 4 months makes!

I had the idea, today, to take another photo of Emmalie smooshed against my stomach... she's still so tiny (one week ago she weighed 10lb 15oz) but look how much bigger she is than at 2 weeks of age!  And I look smaller, that's a good thing, for us postpartum mamas, isn't it? 

The sun is shining immensely today, and I've got three little ones napping and four bigger ones out on a lunch date with Grandpa.  I feel spoiled in this moment.  God just knows exactly when I'm needing this kind of encouragement.  And boy, do I need it lately! 

4 comments on "just for fun"
  1. So adorable. You are looking so good, as always. I love and miss you guys.

  2. She is so cute! And now that we're living out here we really should find some time to get together (eh, more easily said than done with 11 kids between us....)

  3. Sweet pea! She has really grown!! :-))))


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