Friday, July 20

this week

It was a fantastic week.

The sun came back, and decided to give us some super warm, run in the sprinkler kind of weather all week!  It is so amazing to me (truly!) that the sun is just waiting up there behind those ol' clouds just waiting to give us a sunny day...  but, alas, we've had mostly cool cloudy days this summer.  These sunny ones just refresh everyone around here. 

This week also brought some new and simple summer chore charts that I've been concocting in my brain and finally put onto paper last weekend.  They're laid out for just the days Jeremy works, and are great for keeping order around the house.  Since it's the first week, and there are a few things that I've added to their normal daily chores, they've had to be reminded several times to remember to check the chart during the day.  But they're getting the hang of it! 

I'm liking the clean bathrooms, swept floors, and playtime for Gabi and Levi with an older sibling each day.  The kids have always been helpful with their chores, and will help with whatever we ask them to, but it's so nice to have it all lined out. 

Here's an example of Morgan's Monday list...  super simple! 
She and Annika got illustrated versions for fun.  

Oh, my sweet girls!  I should have gotten Gabi out of her high chair so I would have had a picture of all four of my girlies, but I was too lazy.  :)  

A happy Levi headed out to play!

My cautious girl, not getting anywhere near that freezing cold sprinkler water.  I don't blame her!

 Emmalie wakes up one time in the night somewhere between 5 and 6 a.m. - this morning was no different... this was my view of the sunrise at 5:45 a.m. and below is my view of my beautiful girl as she woke up.  She was so sweet and peaceful, I had to grab the camera.  I'm not sure how I had such presence of mind at five in the morning, but she sleeps 6-8 hours for that first stretch so I was feeling pretty good.  Plus, that sunrise captivated me completely.  My photo out the bathroom window does it no justice!

 We are loving the purple flowers growing out of our enormous sage plant in the garden. 

 I snapped this photo tonight of this lone daisy that must have felt right at home among the snow in summer patch next door to the rest of the daisies! 

Daisies are one of my all-time favorite flowers. 

"Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?"
- movie You've Got Mail

6 comments on "this week"
  1. Thankful for u sissy and the desire you have to love your family well but only because of the way you allow Christ to fill u with grace, humility, and JOY! I love u.

  2. So fun. I am so glad to have an update of all the things at home with you guys. What beautiful pictures of everyone. I love you all.

  3. Wow, Emmalie's looks are really changing. So, cute of the girls..... Love Mom

  4. Wow,Levi's haircut looks sharp,, and Emmalie's looks have really changed since I was there..... Love Grammy

  5. Dear Amanda,
    I love the picture of all the kids together. The 4 older kids are looking so grown up. The pic of the girls together is priceless. Don't worry, you can always take another one with Gabi with the group. Levi is getting so big. Looks like you all had a great time from all the wonderful shots. Thanks for sharing.
    In Christ,

  6. P.S. Those chore charts for the older kids are so cute. I had a chore chart myself when I was growing up. I like to think it kept me on track, but I'm not sure how true that actually was:-) I think chore charts are wonderful for kiddos. I bought one for my oldest nephew.


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