Monday, September 2

First Day of School


A new year of homeschooling has begun! With a new outlook, I'm taking it one. day. at. a. time.

And we're off!  Are you off on any new adventures?

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  1. Haven't visited your blog in a while so I had to catch up a bit but I was SO excited to see that you are using My Fathers World. This is our fourth year with this curriculum and I couldn't be happier. I have three in the 2-8 grade: Richard is in seventh, Grace is in fourth, and Evelyn is in third. Mary is doing kindergarten and Meg is starting her first year of MFW high school! Yikes high school.
    I have tried a couple different curriculum's but absolutely love this one. Everyone loves being together for the Bible, history, and science. It makes life so much easier for me and for them. With a new baby in the house I will see how this year goes but we are all excited to start. (We are starting Monday)
    Love your blog :)


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