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4 Things I Learned in September

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The month of September was so packed to the brim in our household that I hardly remember it wooshing by. We weren't out doing anything amazing -- our calendar was quite empty, in fact, but we did experience some newness and growth around here:

  • We began our 9th year of homeschooling with a brand new curriculum for all. My Father's World is rocking our world this Fall. (We're using Kindergarten and Exploring Countries and Cultures, if you'd like to know. Along with Teaching Textbooks Math... I would pick up and twirl the makers of TT around and around if given the chance. It helps us that much.)
  • Our three oldest kids began in-home guitar lessons this month. If you're looking for an instrument that won't drive you bonkers when your kids practice? Acoustic guitar just might be the ticket. I love hearing them practice.
  • This month, I am getting used to meeting deadlines and allotting the proper amount of time to work on my writing. It's a challenge I'm willing to work hard at; even if I have to escape to the quiet of a coffee shop every once in a while to get it done. We all experience times of suffering, don't we?
  •  Jeremy is working overtime one extra day every week for the next couple months. While that means one less day of him here with us (boo), it means more pay. And for that, we're thankful.

That's what's new in September, now on to what I've learned. (If you're still with me.)

1.  Honestly, the biggest thing I've learned in September, is that I don't have to be who I've always been. It's never too late to reel in the fishing line, and cast it out again. You can always start over. If you've spent 36 years living one way, but decide to start heading in a new direction? It's absolutely possible. These growing pains I'm experiencing are all a part of who He is making me into, and I can't wait for you to get to know her. "... he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." (Philippians 1:6)

2.  I'm usually a huge fan of Pumpkin Spice Lattes each fall. But I learned that there is a more decadent way to drink one that brings just as much, if not more fall sensation to my taste buds. Try this, friends: order a breve (latte made with half and half) with pumpkin spice flavoring instead. I've stopped twice in the last week to get one of these. They. Are. Divine. Plus, it feels great to support one of our fabulous locally-owned coffee shops instead of "the other guys."

3.  This one is goofy. I should have known this by now. Last week, I learned (from my 12 year old son) that the drawers in our kitchen have the ability to "lock" in the open position. I've lived in this house for nine and a half years and had no idea. Knowing this little trick could have saved five of our babies' fingers from getting smooshed when playing in their favorite baby-friendly kitchen drawer.

4.  And just a couple days ago, one of my dear friends who is also a blogger, taught me that you can schedule posts on a facebook fan page like you can on a blog. (To make it post when you want, and not just at that moment.) Just click on the little clock symbol just below the text box when you're typing your status or posting your link. Who knew?? Obviously, not me. You facebook page keeping gals probably already knew this, but just in case: You're Welcome.

That's all I've got this month, friends. I wish I could be more creative this time around, but I just can't. What have you been learning this month? I'd love to hear.

Happy upcoming October to you!

13 comments on "4 Things I Learned in September"
  1. Charming photo for this post! apple bushel being classic {and delicious} symbols of early fall. And, yea the FB clock tip, news to me. Thanks!

    1. Thank you! And I'm so glad I could help. :)

  2. This one is a big one for me... Anger doesn't solve ANYTHING!
    I haven't slept in almost 11 years and have a tendency to take that as inevitable, however... Psalms 127:2 says, "...For so He gives His beloved sleep." I won't be accepting sleeplessness as inevitable anymore.
    Sometimes, I think my children should already know what I know.
    And, last but not least...
    A prayer for something simple is, in fact, just as important as a prayer for something big. This one is more of a reminder.
    Thanks for sharing Amanda! ~Garie

    1. That's right, Garie... He can do anything He wills for you... you can count on that, and believe it!

  3. Found your site through Chatting at the Sky. What a beautiful family you have.
    I love that God continues to transform us and make us into something new for his glory over time. Also, umm, I never knew about the F.B. thing either, so thank you for that!

    1. Thanks so much, Lindsay! And I'm glad I'm not the only one to not be tuned into the fb tip!

  4. Ha. :) Well, the clock tip was something I learned this month, too (you are so welcome!) along with a ton of html. I also learned how to plug in our VCR to our tv (because we never use it and you know how non-techy I am) and how to use picmonkey - and create the cute faded overlay on it.

    PS We should go suffer together at a coffee shop soon...

    1. yes, let's go do some suffering together - sounds wonderful :)

  5. I love this list!
    I'm learning about not having to be who I've always been right now. This is big and wonderful and so very God.
    And I didn't know that about Facebook, crazy!
    Looking forward to trying a different kind of pumpkin goodness as well!
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Ah, so we're learning the same lesson. It is so freeing and so painful all at the same time. Blessings on you!

  6. {take! thanks for your fb message!}
    Hi friend! Okay, I have been a fan of the breve latte for years!!! Especially in the pregnant and nursing days when those extra calories totally don't matter. I'd kind of forgotten about it though so I may have to splurge on one this fall. Also, we used MFW our very first year of homeschooling and certain elements of it in later years. It is a very sweet curriculum and company. Happy September!

  7. CATIE!!! Goodness, that makes twice this week I've deleted a comment on accident when trying to moderate them. Sorry!!! So here's your original comment, and here's my answer!!! Amanda

    From Catie:

    I just love #1. :) I need that reminder every day. I can always start over. Always. Thank the Lord!

    What did you use before Teaching Textbooks, btw? I'm just starting out homeschooling (will get more serious next year) but I was thinking of doing Math U See and Life of Fred (we're doing Charlotte Mason). I've heard a lot of good things about TT, though.

    From Amanda:

    Up until 3rd grade, when TT starts, we've used a mix of Horizons Math and Math U See. I'd definitely recommend Math U See. We really liked it. Watching the DVD was a highlight for my youngsters and it's a great program!

    And congrats on the birth of your new baby boy!!!

  8. Autumn has really had an interest in playing guitar lately. Can you please tell me more about these in-home guitar lessons your kids are doing?


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