Tuesday, June 25

Dear blog...

Dear blog,

I love you. You have been a faithful friend to me through the years. You never quibble if I take a week or a month or more off, and you're always there, ready to hear what I have to say. 

I've missed you, even though it's only been two weeks - and I apologize. But the weather is nice (unseasonably nice) here, and I can't bear to sit down and spend time with you. My family and the warm sunshine is calling, and I'm answering. 

I'd love to be a published author someday, and those in the industry say I need to have a large online presence, or platform. So sometimes I'm drawn to try all sorts of tricks to see if more readers will come see how fun or informative you can be. But that's exhausting. Who needs to add one more exhausting thing to their list? Not me. I've come to know that, "God opens doors that no one can close," and "It is better to be marked by God than to be marketed by man. Because God will elevate you to the place He wants you to be." (author Christine Caine)

 If it's according to His will for my life, He will open doors at the proper time - and with no help from me. 

So I'll continue to consistently work toward writing good content, in hopes that people will find you, share you, and come back for more.  Because I truly do love you, dear blog. 

I will write something interesting soon, I promise.

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  1. I love the creativity in this post! Thank you for reminding me that God controls who finds my blog!


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