Thursday, May 30

just a warning...

Good evening, friends!

I'm here to give a friendly public service announcement that I'm doing some blog housekeeping, and will soon be removing the links from the sidebar on the right hand side.  Those links are there for me so I have all of my favorite blogs in one spot, but some of you might use those links to peruse those blogs too. 

Bookmark the ones you love on your browser, because very soon they'll be disappearing!

This mama is exhausted and headed for bed - goodnight...

1 comment on "just a warning..."
  1. AnonymousMay 31, 2013

    Thanks for letting us know :) I know I've seen you talk about doing the Paleo Diet now, is that what Amy is suggesting instead of a yeast cleansing? You look amazing by the way! I love the picture of you and your kiddos when school's out. Maybe we can get the kids together sometime this summer in our neighborhood park to play and we could have mommy chat time.


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