Friday, September 5

For the Writer, or the Anyone

I've sat down four six different times this week over the last two weeks to write a blog post that would signal my return to writing in this space after the launch of The Masterpiece Mom blog and podcast had me taking an unexpected hiatus. It's been hard for me to write a real post over here because I've thought it had to be momentous in order for me to show my face around here ever again. But that's crazy talk, I know it is. So here I am just showing up. I've missed you!

On my first attempt at returning two weeks ago, I made the mistake of catching up on a few posts of Ann Voskamp's first before working on my own writing. Big mistake. What can anyone ever have to say after reading her words? That night, I ended up with one sentence on a blank page. Then ate some ice cream. Terrific.

On my second try, I deleted the sentence I'd written the night before and tapped out a few paragraphs about absolutely nothing before giving up. Awesome.

The third day I actually typed out an entire blog post that I ended up saving as a draft. Nothing fit. Nothing seemed right. Maybe I'll use it later, maybe I won't. Another day gone by with nothing to show.

Fast forward ten days.

That big lot of nothing got me thinking. What is my purpose in writing at all? (Or doing anything I love, for that matter.) I definitely don't want to force it. I want to write, serve, mother, love out of passion and ministry, not obligation.

Plus, I'm not even sure it matters to anyone if I write or serve in the capacities I do. But it matters to my Creator, because He made me this way. He made it so that I'd love to write so much that I can't not. He made it so that you'd do that thing He created you to do for Him and for the benefit of others.

You must read THIS book, from which I basically stole the thoughts that make up that last sentence. Thanks, Emily.

So I wonder, what would He have me write if I could only write about one thing? If I could only do one thing? I know. Deep thoughts. Failure will do that to you. It'll cause you to rethink everything.

In the end, it's about sharing the unbelievably Good News about Jesus. Because that's all that really matters, isn't it? An eternity with Christ because of His great love for us. (And inviting everyone else to come too.)

I'm not trying to Jesus Juke you (but you really should follow that link and read all 793 comments), or give the Sunday school answer of "JESUS!!!"

I'm simply trying to remind us that we're here for a purpose. It's a purpose that blows a bubble around all our other purposes. And that's to point people to Christ. In whatever form, using whatever words, showing that love, in the way only you can.

On the job site.
In the kitchen.
To the husband.
At the pulpit.
Behind the register.
With the child.

6 comments on "For the Writer, or the Anyone"
  1. thank you for this!

    I finally bought Emily's book because I've really been struggling with the same things. I'm reading this blog instead of editing the messy word doc I have minimized on my desktop... because the words aren't really coming. Thank you for writing! Love connecting with you in this internet world :)

    1. Oh, I'm so glad you bought AMLW, it'll be so perfect for you. It's still a faithful friend on my nightstand! Thanks so much for commenting, and I love staying connected with you as well. :)

  2. Great reminder! Thanks, Amanda.

  3. i connected with every.single.bit of this! thanks for putting words to some things that are so true for me as well. and that stinkin' ann voskamp...that beautiful soul of a writer...yep - she's a hard act to follow. so don't follow...keep leading...blazing your own trail. i love wandering along behind you : )

    1. Oh, Elizabeth, thank you for your encouragement, and I'm glad you can identify! :) We really do need to meet in person. I hope to make it back to Charlotte (Maybe next July? I'm praying about She Speaks yet again. I just can't stay away.)


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