Tuesday, July 2

7 things I learned in June

1.  After months of suffering from Downton Abbey withdrawls, I found something that sort of takes away the sting.  Are you suffering too?  Try the Downton Abbey station on Pandora (make sure you give a thumbs up to THIS fantastic song so you'll hear it often) or just make yourself comfy on YouTube searching for all things Downton Abbey, you won't be disappointed.

2.  My closet is overrun by stripes. And I like it that way.  It really can't be helped, the stores are full of strange prints and I just can't be covered in solids all the time. 

3.  When things are feeling blah, a family drive might be just what the Dr. ordered. On this particular night (see photos), we stayed within 35 minutes of home and saw such grandeur.  A stop for ice cream and milkshakes helped too.

4.  I now have a new appreciate for air conditioning. After the beautiful (and rare) heat wave we experienced in the month of June, I realized how important air conditioning is to you folks who live in warmer climates. The baby woke up repeatedly through the night (even when sleeping in just a onesie) and cooking dinner seemed impossible.

5.  I have my nose in several books, but rarely take the time to eek forward in them (unless I'm in bed and can't sleep.) I haven't been able to sit still long enough to watch any movies either. I love to read, and I love to watch movies, but preoccupation of the mind has taken over. I've learned that I feel unproductive if I sit still long enough to read or watch a movie. I'm hoping it's just for a season...

6.  We had a grizzly bear in our neighborhood last week. We've had a rare black bear or two in the past, but never a grizzly! I learned that no matter how scared I was of it sneaking up on our property, I yearned for it to come close enough for us to see it, but not close enough to maul us. We saw neither hide nor hair of it. I'm thankful we can now go outside in peace! (we think)

7.  And lastly, I learned that I am feeling completely inept when it comes to knowing how to dress professionally. I love to dress up for church or other occasions, but I'm trying to put together my wardrobe to attend She Speaks in NC later this month and I'm just not sure what to wear! Do I need blazers? Will I be too cold in the air conditioned rooms in a skirt?  Clueless. My sister (who lives in TN) says I should look on Pinterest, and I have... but I'm still lost. If you have any outfit ideas for me I could use your help in the comments.  Maybe later in the month, once I decide what I'm wearing, I'll post pictures of my 3 days of conference outfits - or better yet, maybe I'll have you vote on outfits... hmmm....

Thank you for reading, I'm linking up with this group today to share what we learned in June! What did you learn in the month of June?

4 comments on "7 things I learned in June"
  1. Just wanted to say Hi via the link up! Great blog! LOVE your big beautiful family! Can't wait to read your adoption stories. I used to live in Raleigh so I say... long maxi skirts and t-shirts... or capri's and cute shirts. Then always have a thin cardigan to take everywhere. Because yes... outside it will be hot and HUMID but inside a thin layer of long sleeves always helps! Those sheer long sleeve shirts over a tank top is really in style right now and thats nice for hot weather without feeling like you are wearing nothing.

    1. Hi Casey! Wait... I think I know you. Do Sarah and Ashley ring a bell, and do you have a brother named John? S & A are dear friends of ours, and we know John & Sarah from when they lived here!!! SMALL world. I used to read your blog too!!! Thank you for the fashion tips - notes taken. :)

  2. Gorgeous view! Downtown Abbey is a hit, but I never follow it :D

    1. Yes, the view never gets old. And that's okay that you don't follow DA, it's one of the very few things I do follow! We all have our favorites. :)


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